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Dan Holbrook

Good morning. How are you today? We’re doing well and staying in which gives me a little time to practice. Mike, my first question is, how important is it to follow the first note (index finger second string) with the thumb (second string)? Would it be wrong to just continue with using the index finger? To me it’s more natural and I have a tendency to pluck harder with my thumb. So I bring out that note more.

Second, I’ve been practicing index middle finger on the first two strings a lot. I’m trying to get faster and smoother. So I’ve been mostly using my thumb for strings 3,4 and 5 unless I start with the second string. Then I’ll drop the thumb down. Should I switch to using my thumb more on the second note second string?

Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed the lessons and I’m pleased with how I’m doing. I hope that all is well with you. Dan

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