Guided Learning Courses

Beginner Banjo

Here’s the beginner guided learning for banjo!

This will walk through all my beginner lessons starting from square one!

We’ll talk about tuning, basic left and right hand technique, slides, hammer-on’s, pull-offs and many other basic techniques needed to play bluegrass-style banjo!

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Beginner Guitar

Get started with the basics of playing guitar!

We’ll discuss basic chords, strumming patterns and then get into basic techniques like slides and hammer-ons!

After that we’ll go into some basic songs to get you started!

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Beginner Mandolin

Here’s the guided learning to work through all my beginner mandolin lessons!

We’ll start with the absolute basics like holding the mandolin, tuning and basic right and left hand technique.

Then we’ll get into basic songs and how to read tab!

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Intermediate Banjo

This guided learning is for pickers ready to take their playing to the next level! We’ll discuss more advanced licks, backup, melodic style playing and more!

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