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Here’s a lesson that will teach you 10 basic licks in the key of C!

Here’s 10 licks in the key of D that you can use to explore the fretboard.

Here’s two solos for All The Good Times Are Past And Gone. The first solo will play the melody with strumming and the second solo will be played in bluegrass style.

Here’s a basic lesson to help you get familiar with the basic alternating thumb patterns of fingerstyle guitar!

Here’s the free version of my Amazing Grace beginner guitar lesson that breaks down the single note melody!

Here’s a beginner guitar lesson for the classic song Amazing Grace!

Here’s a lesson on the concept of relative major and minor chords and how you can use them to increase the amount of licks you know.

Here’s a flat picking “Carter Style” arrangement for the gospel classic Angel Band.

Here’s a beginner level solo for Angeline The Baker that will help you learn to play a simple melody in different octaves.

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