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Here’s a lesson on 10 pentatonic licks in the key of G for mandolin!

Here’s a mini-lesson to help you work on the 1st finger closed position major scale.

Here’s a beginner lesson for the old fiddle tune 8th Of January.

Here’s a lesson to work on modifying your A Barre Chord to create Major 7th, Minor 7th and more advance chords!

Here’s two bluegrass style solos to the classic melody All The Good Times Are Past And Gone.

Here’s the free version of my Amazing Grace beginner mandolin lesson that breaks down the single note melody!

Here’s a straight ahead version of the melody to work on playing tremolo and pull-offs. Included is a down-the-neck and up-the-neck solo so you can practice playing the melody in two octaves!

Here’s a lesson that explores how to use the concept of relative major and minor to use mandolin licks you know in new situations.

Here’s a lesson that will help you work on tremolo using the gospel melody Angel Band.

Here’s a basic arrangement to the great fiddle tune Angeline The Baker in the Key of D. This lesson will help you work on adding drone strings and alternate picking to a basic melody!

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