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Robert Bartsch

I have been playing banjo for several years now after a 40 year interruption. My first teacher, 93 yo, played banjo and guitar for Peter, Paul and Mary. He taught only by std. notation so I learned to play by that, second teacher of last couple years taught by the numbers and my third teacher would not recognize the number system-drove me nuts with counting.I have no idea how anyone can count and play the banjo. Learn by the count and play by ear!!!? I found Mike Heddiing while struggling with the counting guru. It takes forever to learn to play some of Mike’s arrangements,eg.Keep on the Sunnyside-one year!I’ve been working on the B/O lessons and find them great. This skill test was a wake up call. My score was 15, maybe too hard on myself, but that’s where I think I am. Have no idea how to find a jam session-the numbers teacher had her own group of jamming students, but I was not ready for it as she said. Unfortunately she passed away. Will redouble my efforts and have written out the check list to refer to now and then. As they say-keep on trucking!!! Thanks, Mike your skill level is amazing and tutorials great. Bob

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