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Michael L Landau

Mike, this coming February I’ll be renewing my annual Pro membership simply because I’m very pleased
with both the selections for both mandolin and banjo, but most of all because I think your instruction is very effective and I’m sure many would agree with me. However, from a student’s point of view, please allow me to make one suggestion: very often, you will go back to a certain phrase and repeat it when you are teaching a tune. That in itself is very helpful
because the repetition really helps to reinforce it; however (and this is the ‘constructive criticism part!) it would be most helpful if you could more often identify by number the measure you are starting from. Without that, I often have to scramble back to try to see where you are ‘ picking it up’ from and when it’s a totally new song, it isn’t always easy to identify where you are beginning from and then I have trouble following. This was the case with ‘Red River Valley’ (and some other tunes as well). if you could identify the measure, it would be so
helpful! Thanks, Mike L.


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