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Thanks for the feedback it’s helpful.

I do have most the banjo basic videos separated into individual lessons. But yes, I will continue to add more very basic beginner material.

Here’s some links to the lessons you were asking about.

Strap: https://mikeheddingmusic.com/lessons/banjo-rig-rundown/ starts at about 5:10 in the “Acoustic” video.

Bridge Placement: https://mikeheddingmusic.com/lessons/mini-banjo-lesson-harmonics-on-the-banjo/ starts at about 7:40 in the video

Tuning: Second video of the banjo basics talks about how to tune your banjo

Backup: I have a bunch of backup lessons with tabs and I’ve got quite a few more planned. You can see them here: https://mikeheddingmusic.com/browse-lessons/?fwp_lesson_instrument=banjo&fwp_lesson_categories=beginner&fwp_lesson_tags=backup%2Csruggs-style%2Csoundslice

If you run into any other questions let me know. Keep pickin’.


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