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I am humbled and honored that you’ve decided to become a Basic Member here on MikeHeddingMusic.com! On this page you’ll find some short videos on how to use the website.

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Answering some questions..

You can click the link on the top of the website “Free Lessons” to filter just the free lessons.

Or if you’re in the main lesson browser you can select the tag “Free Lessons” to see only the free lessons.

Any lessons that aren’t free can be purchased individually or you can upgrade to the Pro/Pro+ Membership to access all the lessons!

You can use the “Lesson Discussion” link at the bottom of any lesson page to go to the forum and ask a question. 

Or you can send me an e-mail at [email protected].

You can change your password anytime by going into “My Account” and click “Change My Details.

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