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I am humbled and honored that you’ve decided to become a Pro Member here on! On this page you’ll find some short videos on how to use the website, exclusive Pro features and more! 

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As a Pro Member you not only get access to all of the lessons on the site, it also comes with some amazing tools to help you learn quicker and easier. 

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The Soundslice Player

As a Pro Member you get exclusive access to the Soundslice player which allows you to slow down, speed up, loop sections of the song and watch the video while the notes are being played!

Take a look at the video on the right to see how you can use the SoundSlice player to see an overview of all it’s amazing features!

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Answering some questions..

If you’re seeing a locked message and you’re a Pro/Pr0+ member that means you’re not logged in.

If you see “Member Login” at the top of the site, you’re NOT logged in. If you see “My Account” then you are logged in and can access all the lessons.

You can use the “Lesson Discussion” link at the bottom of any lesson page to go to the forum and ask a question. 

Or you can send me an e-mail at [email protected].

Yes, the monthly and yearly membership renew automatically on the date you signed up until the membership is cancelled. 

You can send me an e-mail at [email protected] to cancel your membership or you can cancel it at 

No, all my videos lessons are now streaming only (watch without downloading). You have unlimited access to watch them as much as you’d like on the lesson pages.
If you know you’re going to be offline for a period of time, I may allow you to download some of the videos if requested. Send em an e-mail at [email protected] and let me know the situation!

You can change your password anytime by going into “My Account” and click “Change My Details.

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