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Stay tuned, I have a lot more backup lessons planned.

You can check out the Guided Learning and there’s a backup section. That will show my recommended way to work through the backup lessons.

My go-to for songs that are close to my speed limit is vamping or very simple rolls. As the song gets faster, you’ll have to simplify your playing if you want to keep up.

Also, at faster speeds I usually use “less” fingers for chords. So instead of doing full 4 finger chords, I may just do 2 fingers or 3 fingers. At higher speeds, taking time to put down unnecessary fingers will slow you down.

The best way to increase your speed is slowly through practice. I recommend using the Amazing Slow Downer or my Soundslice player I offer.

You can check out the lesson I did “Ten Tips To Improve Your Speed” if you want some of my tips to play faster.

If you have any other questions let me know.


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