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Travis Pierce

This is perfect! Thanks, Mike! That definitely helps, and I will keep practicing it!

I have one more question that has been dogging me since I started teaching myself the banjo, and then I promise I’ll stop bugging you. It’s kind of related to this lesson, too. When I play backup for “I’ll Fly Away,” I have five measures of G to fill for that last half of the verse and chorus. On the first half, where there are four measures, I just play three of your licks and then on the last measure, I play a run to C or a G7 roll. It’s a perfect formula. However, when there are five measures, I don’t know what to do for measures 4 (especially) and 5 (I have a few handy G to D runs). Could you help me with that? I’m super inquisitive, and this one has been stumping me. Thanks!!!!!!!!

“I’ll Fly Away”: G G G G7 C C G G G G G G G D G G

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