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Mike, your teaching is very clear. I am a relatively new player (gives what I did every day of Covid?? I ordered the lesson and have gotten most of the song. Any chance you can post a play along track this week with you playing the song melody through out the entire song and not just the first 1/4th of the song. Either at 120BPM or on YouTube so I can slow down. Right now I still need you as a guide since I don’t read tab and am a newbie. Again its coming along great but the 120 BPM track koi shared fades out your banjo after about 30 seconds and I need to play the entire song with you about 50 times. Also, do you have Down the Road, Wild Bill Jones, Forever Aint No Trouble Now, The Darkest House and Come To Jesus (Mindy Smith version) ? Happy to buy all of them form you.