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Tony Wilder

Hi Mike

I need some advice regarding this song as well as ‘Lonesome Road Blues’. I am not hearing one of the key melody notes – at the time that I expect it – in both songs. The 2nd fret on the first string is tabbed as the last note in the 2nd measure in both of these songs. But I am hearing the note later in the 3rd measure. This throws my timing off and makes it difficult for me to focus on the melody and time. I realize that this may be an intentional syncopated idea. But I find that I spend a lot of time trying to hear the note in the place that I am expecting to hear it. I have also been working my melody and timing by humming or softly singing along while playing. The humming has really helped my timing and tone/emphasis. But the syncopation throws me. For now, I have substituted licks that more closely follow the melody. Have you any other recommendations?

PS – I am really benefiting from your mastering series and timing and scales.

Thanks in advance.

Tony Wilder

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