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      Tony Wilder

      Hi Mike

      I need some advice regarding this song as well as ‘Lonesome Road Blues’. I am not hearing one of the key melody notes – at the time that I expect it – in both songs. The 2nd fret on the first string is tabbed as the last note in the 2nd measure in both of these songs. But I am hearing the note later in the 3rd measure. This throws my timing off and makes it difficult for me to focus on the melody and time. I realize that this may be an intentional syncopated idea. But I find that I spend a lot of time trying to hear the note in the place that I am expecting to hear it. I have also been working my melody and timing by humming or softly singing along while playing. The humming has really helped my timing and tone/emphasis. But the syncopation throws me. For now, I have substituted licks that more closely follow the melody. Have you any other recommendations?

      PS – I am really benefiting from your mastering series and timing and scales.

      Thanks in advance.

      Tony Wilder

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        I think that’s great that you’re hearing something else in your head and choosing to play it that way.

        I’d go with how you’re hearing it in your head. A lot of those little details are more personal preference so if you’re hearing the melody a certain way in your head you should follow that.

        If at some point in the future you want to try syncopating it, it will likely be easier when you’ve got the straight version really dialed in.

        – Mike

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