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Robert Watkins

Hi, bit of feedback – I think you should extend the banjo basics into separate tutorials – covering really basic things.I’ve been learning for about 6 months now and only found your website after about 5 months. When I was first starting I needed something much more simple, with much shorter tabs – say 4 bars max. I keep going back to the basics and finding things I missed, really basic things like;

How to fit the strap to the banjo and wear it.

Where to place the bridge.

How to tune the banjo – where to clip the tuner (I still haven’t found a good place) – and/or tune the strings to each other using the 3rd 4th 5th frets.

The numbers in circles on the tabs are which finger to use on the left hand.

More chords – and how to practice chords and chord transitions – found a good tip where you press the chord – release it and then try and place back down all together.

More backup with tabs, I haven’t found anyone to play with but I’ve found trying to play backup to your recordings works well.

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