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Bob Maddox

I am a new member and am enjoying the site. I am not a complete beginner on the banjo. In fact, I have been playing for several years now. However, my playing leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, I am restarting at the basics to improve my playing techniques.

I too was looking for the other five variations of boil them cabbage down and was confused as to where they were located. I never would have found them if I hadn’t looked at the lesson discussion on this topic. I agree with one of the previous comments about making all six versions available on the initial lesson screen. I think it would help all of your students interested in this lesson.

As a new member, I am especially excited about improving my backup playing. I think it is actually harder than playing the lead solos (I wonder if you agree).

Thank you for all your time and effort you have put in providing all of the great lessons.

One of your new students,
Bob Maddox

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