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Here’s 10 easy licks in melodic style that can be used over G, C and D chords.

Here’s an intermediate lesson that will help you work on 10 licks in the key of D.

Here’s a lesson that will help you practice 10 classic bluegrass style licks that you can use in lead or backup!

Here’s 10 licks you can use in any D shape moveable chord!

Here’s 10 licks that you can use when you’re playing out of the F shape minor moveable chord.

Here’s a mini lesson which will give you some 1st and 2nd string exercises you can use to explore the fretboard and improve your speed.

Here’s a mini lesson to help your playing on the 1st, 3rd and 5th strings.

Here’s a lesson that goes over eight classic banjo backup licks you can use in 3/4 time!

Here’s a melodic style lesson for the fiddle tune 8th Of January (The Battle Of New Orleans).

Here’s some moveable shapes you can use to play for the major and minor pentatonic scales.

This arrangement is going to work on adding two and three note chords to this great melody. I wanted to create an arrangement that would sound good with or without accompaniment. Happy Independence Day!

Here’s a solo for the classic tune Angeline The Baker. We’re going to work on playing in the key of D without retuning!

Here’s a lesson for the hymn Away In A Manger in three different keys.

Here’s a short lesson to work on a classic J.D. Crowe lick!

Here’s a classic Scruggs/Crowe bluesy ending lick!

Here’s a fun pull-off lick you can use to end a solo!

Here’s a G to C transition lick that adds some chromatic flavor.

Here’s a classic shuffle blues in the key of E!

Here’s an original blues composition on the classic 12 bar blues progression!

Here’s a banjo solo for the classic Texas fiddle tune Beaumont Rag!

Here’s another mini lesson to help you work on some common string bending techniques and licks. We’ll also go over the common lick from the Scruggs up-the-neck version of Foggy Mountain Breakdown!

Here’s another great fiddle tune in the Key of G to work on playing melodic style banjo. This tune will have you spanning the entire neck of the banjo and is a great practice tool to work on shifting positions. Also a great practice tool to get used to playing some of the melody on the 5th string, which is a common tool is melodic style banjo.

Here’s a Scruggs style backup lesson for Billy In The Lowground in drop C tuning.

A straight ahead interpretation of the fiddle melody, this song is a workout in the Key of C! I wrote this arrangement to show how to play a melody in the Key of C without retuning the banjo. A great exercise in transitioning from down the neck to up the neck. Watch the tab closely as the 5th string is used to play the melody, a common tool in melodic banjo playing.