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      David Zweig

      1. Hi. I just signed up. Is there a sequence of the beginner lessons somewhere?

      2. I used to play at 5-string banjo. Right hand was stabilized on the head with the pinky and ring fingers. Cannot do that on mandolin. So how does one make the conversion, to sort of “know” where the second (A) or third strings (E) are under the pick?

      Thanks a lot!!

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      Sure, if you want to see my recommended way to work through the lessons you can do so here: https://mikeheddingmusic.com/guided/beginner-mandolin/

      You wouldn’t have access to all the lessons with the Free Membership but you could still follow along if you like.

      With the mandolin, you’ll be resting your right forearm on the mandolin which will allow your right wrist to move freely. So that becomes your “planting” point similar to banjo that will keep your hand in position.

      It might still take a little practice to find the A and E strings accurately but keep if will be easier if you keep your forearm in a similar position each time you play.

      Good luck.

      – Mike

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