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      Tony Wilder

      Mike, I really appreciate your lessons. The tab can always be relied on as accurate. The videos always provides insights.
      I have a question for you and any one else that wants to join in.
      On the third measure, C chord goes into G. What sounds odd to me at this point is the 7th fret 4th string – an A note.
      Perhaps I am a bit biased by previous listening. But, I am inclined to just play a simple backward roll on the first 3 strings starting with the open 1st and ending again with the open first string for the 4th note – all open in G. It also makes it easier to drop all of the way back to the 2nd fret for the next C chord. You may have been trying to spice it up a bit? Just curious. Thoughts?

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      A lot of these fiddle tunes can be played various ways. Especially the little connecting phrases.

      If it sounds better to you to play it the way you mentioned that’s totally fine. The phrase I did way just a little “melodic” run but an open roll would work just fine as well.

      The open roll would definitely work well if the song was played faster as it would give you that extra little time to get back down for the C chord.

      I’m glad you’re experimenting and finding out what sounds best to you.

      – Mike

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