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      This is the discussion topic for the lesson Boil Them Cabbage Down Beginner Banjo. Please leave your comments or any questions you might have about the lesson here!

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      Hi. I’m confused about the timing on the back tracks. The timing does not match my metronome… unless I’m playing 16th notes. Thanks.

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        Good question. If you want a click on each beat, you’d have to double the BPM I have listed on the practice tracks.

        I normally set my practice tracks and metronome for 2 clicks per measure (beats 1 and 3).

        There’s a few reasons I do this:

        1. It mimics a bluegrass bass player playing on the 1 and 3.

        2. It helps you build your internal sense of timing by having to fill beats 2 and 4.

        3. At high tempos, it’s hard to hear that many clicks

        But you can definitely double the BPM and play along to your metronome that way as well.

        If you have any more questions let me know.


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      That makes so much more sense! Thank you. When I tried to play it beat for beat at 60 it was way too slow.
      Your lessons are fabulous, BTW! I attend a great bluegrass jam every Sunday and Monday in Asheville…GREAT musicians and one day I’m going to be up there with them.

      Thanks again!!

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      Hi Mike
      I’m doing Boil Them Cabbage Fown. In the 4th measure you play an A. I noticed it didn’t sound right. I checked my tuning and the third string is tuned to G but when I play the 2nd fret 3rd string, which should be an A, I notice the tuner says it is going towards an A#. It doesn’t matter where I put my finger in the fret space. Any thoughts?

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        If you’re banjo sounds in tune when played open but out of tune when you’re fretting notes that could mean your bridge is out of position.

        You can check out this lesson to learn more about intonation:
        How To Check Your Intonation Lesson

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      I couldn’t find the tabs for the backup. I like to print them out?

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        Sorry, I don’t have tabs for the backup section of this lesson. But you can watch the backup lesson video to see a lot of the ideas I used.

        If you have any more questions after watching the backup video lesson let me know.

        – Mike

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      Robert Johnson

      Loving this lesson. The first one I have downloaded from you and hopefully many more

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      Randall Barnes

      What exercise do you suggest to improving ones timming. I have been playing for many years (approx. 30) and can barely get to 80. You are a fantastic teacher that explains well with patience. You are the best. Thank you,
      K. Barnes

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      Coeli Lopes

      I am a little confused on how to play the song in basic forward roll…
      The three TIM notes do not sound like what you played at all in the beginning of the 1st video, how do you make it sound like that?


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      Are you playing the quarter note at the beginning of the measure, followed by two forward rolls (TIM)?

      That’s how I played it at the beginning of the video.

      Is your banjo tuned correctly? If so, playing strings 5, 2, 1 (TIM) for the forward roll will be the same notes I played.

      Otherwise, can you send me a video of you playing it and I can hear what’s going on?

      – Mike

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      Patrick Rinaldi

      On measure 43 in the 3-2 pull off is it the same in measure 41 or when I pull of do I play the first string at the same time?

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        Good question. They’re similar but slightly different.

        Yes the pull-off in 43 you play the first string at the same time as the pull-off.

        The pull-off is an 8th note vs. 41 where it’s a 16th note. The 16th note version you pull-off slightly before you pick the first string so you hear the sound of the pull-off a little more.

        More importantly though is timing of the right hand picking doesn’t change at all whether you do a 8th note pull-off or a 16th note pull-off. That change is only happening in your left hand.

        If you still have questions let me know.

        – Mike

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