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      This is the discussion topic for the lesson Hard Times Come Again No More Intermediate Banjo. Please leave your comments or any questions you might have about the lesson here!

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      Absolutely love this tune and love playing it along with the backing track. Thanks Mike for such a great lesson, really enjoyed learning this one. Ian.

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      My first lesson download. Really excellent!

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      Malcolm Wilson

      I am a (relative) novice but this was my first purchase and slowly, very slowly, getting into this thanks to great tuition style, explanations and video from Mike.
      I’m hooked.

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      Brendan Reed

      I also absolutely adore this song but I’ve got a hiccup. It turns out my banjo is a parlor banjo and only goes up to 17 frets. Is there a reasonable chance of faking that highest little bit or should I be thinking through ways to do it down the neck?

Viewing 4 reply threads
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