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      Avatar of slqwolvesSlqwolves

      Guys how long does it take before playing actually sounds like the song? I play tabs and sound nothing like the song

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      Same here. I think rookies like us don’t play the notes in a continuous way. And obviously half a speed. I think that’s the reason it sounds weird. Be patient and practice more and sooner or later the flow will be smooth and recognizable 🙂

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      Brendan Reed

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been playing for about a year now and I find that I usually spend about a week, maybe a week and a half learning the tab and getting to where I can reliably play it, and then at some point kinda randomly in the next week the melody just kind of pops out of it for me.

      It’s this just weird moment where it suddenly goes from a bunch of notes to being a song.

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        Jim Haynes

        I agree! Practice every day. Challenge yourself. The more you practice the greater the results. Enjoy!

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      Scott Woods

      Be sure you can recognize the melody of the song. Easier with songs you can actually sing along to. I spend some upfront time making sure I can pick the melody (and only the melody) on the banjo before jumping into the tab. Seems this helps with emphasizing the melody when you move into tab.

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      David kelly

      Practice in chunks of song, even if just one bar, play really slowly till it sounds in time, may take patience but it 💯 percent quickest way to learn a tune, Inc to play it fast funnily enough, also listen to yourself playing as you play, listen to tone etc.

      Hope this helps it certainly helped me when I finally accepted years ago on piano and guitar to learn this way, never looked back.

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      Les Bailey

      I find that when learning a new song, go listen to every version you can find and make sure you have the melody ingrained in your head before picking up the banjo!

Viewing 5 reply threads
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