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      Frank Petras

      Mike … I really like your playing and teaching style. Good stuff. I’m a guitar player spending more time with my banjo since “real job” retirement. I have a question about tuning 5th string to A in the key of D. I was watching Ashley Campbell play Gentle on my mind with Carl Jackson and I’m sure her banjo 5th is tuned up to A. It gives a nice dissonance in the Em chord, as well as a few good licks in D. She is actually in the key of E (capo 2 in D). And … where could I find a lead arrangement similar to that? I’ve sort of figured something out, but just wondering if you had it worked up and would share. I’m not necessarily looking for a freebie. If not, no big deal, I’m almost satisfied with what I’ve done.

      So a basic question is when would you tune the 5th string up in key of D? I have not yet seen it discussed. Maybe I haven’t got there yet. Thanks!

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