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      This is the discussion topic for the lesson Just A Closer Walk With Thee Beginner Banjo. Please leave your comments or any questions you might have about the lesson here!

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      Dilan Jeffcoat

      I’m learning the bluegrass version of, Just A Closer Walk With Thee, and I don’t know when to start singing with it. I was hoping you sung while you played, but I don’t see that option anywhere. How can I learn when to sing with the bluegrass version? And if I’m singing the full song, do I just start the measures all the way over when continuing with the rest of the song?

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      I’m going to do a detailed backup lesson for this song in the future that will include singing.

      But if you want to sing and loop the bluegrass version, you would just play measures 17-32 over and over. You’d skip measure 16 which is the pickup to the song.

      If you have any other questions let me know.


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