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      Adam Brock

      Hello fellow Banjo players,
      This might seem a really strange thing to ask but i have learnt the tab “man of constant sorrow” from this website (Mike Hedding)

      But I am struggling…. I am struggling to find when I am supposed to start playing with the official song. This may be impossible to show over a text chat but i thought i would ask. I have tried all afternoon to sync the song with me playing the banjo but cant figure out when i should start playing?

      Might just be the heat in the UK making my brain go to mush but it would be great to have some guidance

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      Adam Brock

      Can anyone help?

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        Sorry for the delay in response.

        Are you talking about when the song is starting?

        The practice tracks count 1, 2, 3, 4 twice before the rhythm comes in.

        You’d play the pickup on the second 2, 3 and 4.

        So listen for 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 and then start playing the pickup notes.

        If you’re still having trouble can you post a video? It’d be easier to help after hearing you play it to see what’s happening.

        – Mike

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      Adam Brock

      Hi Mike,
      Its when I am trying to play with the origional song

      When listening to this when do I start to play?

      Do i start to play as soon as the song starts or at 0.14 seconds when the mandolin solo at the beginning ends?

      Thank you so much for answering

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        No, they do an extra vocal turnaround at the beginning so it’d be at 20 seconds in.

        They also do their version in F so you’d have to retune your banjo down a whole step.

        Good luck.


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