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      Thomas Hejza

      I’ve been picking banjo for about 3 years and have basically memorized about 10-12 songs from tab. My rolls include forward-reverse, square, forward and backward. I finally began attending jams; in fact with none close to me, I created one and 4 sessions into it we’re already averaging 8 players with various instruments. I understand chord structure and can play “placeholder” back up. I understand where melodies come from and can find them, with time, fairly easily. I can’t YET do it quickly on the fly during a jam but I believe that will come with time. What I’m having difficulty understanding is how you convert a basic melody into Scruggs style. This is a good lesson but is there some rationale behind what you’re doing with this melody? How do you know when to use a forward-reverse roll or a pinch or something else? I hope this communicates my issue, because I don’t know what I’m missing.

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