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      Hello picking friends, to you all rgds from Germany, my name is Tom, sixty winters old and new here. 2 years ago i started picking scruggs style and able to play 4-5 songs on a slow/moderate speed. Hope to have fun with you all and right away a question, what do you think is a good (none pro) camera to record myself playing the tunes? And special the mikrophone must be useable.

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      Thanks for checking out the lessons. I used to use an iPhone to record my early video lessons. You can get an external microphone that plugs in so you can get even better quality.

      Another to check out for audio recording would be the Zoom recorder. They have a bunch of different models but they’re very good for audio recordings in the “field” and make really good quality recordings.

      Several of my musician friends use them to record when they’re on the road.

      You could also record the audio and video separately (with an iphone and zoom for example) and then sync them together in Garageband or Pro Tools after you record.

      Thats what I do with my video lessons now. That way you can have better audio quality than the video camera microphone.

      If you have any other questions let me know.

      – Mike

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      Thanks Mike for the suggestions, the iphone is a good idea, i,ll try and experiment a little on my daughters. My plan is to record tune,s on a 4week rhythm to see and control the progress (hope there is any) đŸ˜‰
      Rgds frm Germany

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      Kim Harris

      An iPad with a holder on a tripod can work quite well.
      I have a blue tooth remote and use the face me camera.
      I get to see the image on the screen to get a good setup.
      I use a digital Blue Mikey stereo microphone.
      I use ProMovie Recorder so I can see the image as it will be recorded.
      $2.95 to remove the watermark from the recordings.
      Without the app you see a 4/3 image on the screen when the video will be 16/9.

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      Thank you Kim.

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