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      Stephen Johnson

      Hi Mike – I wished that I had discovered this lesson a couple of months ago. Just joined a local jam and very quickly realized that I had to learn how to improvise very quickly and that everyone is in the same boat. No one knows breaks for all the songs we often don’t even know the melodies. Someone just calls a song and starts playing it. So the trick is quickly picking up the melody line and chord progression of the song and when it comes round to your turn, you fumble through a simple version of it. Anything more is like “wow” what an amazing break! And now I’m learning to turn the songs I have actually learned by tab into what you suggest here – the outline of the song and key melody lines and transitions. Then when I get lost or mess up, I can get restarted more easily. But like you say, you have to get time away from the tab or you’re never forced to do this.

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