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      Hi Mike, I’m curious as to why you use a 2nd string 2nd fret in measure 30 for the slide up to the 6th fret instead of sliding from the 3rd fret, which was in use in the Dm shape in measure 29 just before that. You’re going from a Dm to a Dm (measures 29 and 30), yet you use a note that is not part of the Dm to initiate the slide.

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        Hey Jon,

        Good question. This is one of those times where you have a difference in “theory” and in “practice.”

        Yes, you’re definitely correct, sliding from the 3rd fret for a Dm chord would be better theory wise.

        But what I found when I was playing the song is that you need to do the slide with your 1st finger, not your 2nd finger (your 2nd finger is already on the 3rd fret).

        To me it didn’t feel as comfortable to try and get my 1st finger onto the 3rd fret while sliding.

        I try to make my tabs as close as possible to the way I really play the song.

        You could certainly try the 3rd fret though and see if you can make the slide sound smooth.

        Same thing happens in the 2nd chorus, sliding from the 1st fret on the 3rd string (over F chord) instead of 2nd fret (better theory wise). But in practice, I found it was easier to move my first finger up and start the slide. Which means you start the slide from the 1st fret even if it doesn’t work as well with theory.

        Hope this makes sense. If you have any other questions let me know.


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