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      This is the discussion topic for the lesson God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman Beginner Banjo. Please leave your comments or any questions you might have about the lesson here!

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      Tony Wilder

      I want to thank you so much for your advice.
      Your emphasis on melody first is something that I overlooked for years.
      Songs like this help.
      I would even say that I should learn backup after melody. THEN learn a lead break.
      It sure helps me. It also helps me to play with others.
      Also thanks for the left hand fingering. A tiny thing. But VERY important.
      Thanks also for the scale and left hand exercises.
      Great Stuff!!!

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        Awesome. Glad it was helpful!

        Yes it’s easy to get too focused on playing leads and not spending time on learning the basic melody and backup. I’ve struggled with this in the past.

        Learning the basic melody and backup builds a solid foundation which you can then build on when you learn the lead.

        Keep picking.

        – Mike

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      This lesson is going to be just what I need to get myself back in the saddle. It’s been a tumultuous few months lately.

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      Chris Dodson

      I am very new to the banjo. I’ve only been playing it for a few weeks, so this lesson is difficult for me. However, it has been great for teaching me how various techniques can be used and how Scruggs style bluegrass is built. I’m forcing myself to learn it measure by measure — even if I sound terrible because I lack the basic skills.

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