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      This is the discussion topic for the lesson Understanding The Rhythm Of Rolls Beginner Banjo. Please leave your comments or any questions you might have about the lesson here!

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      Adam Braham

      Thanks for this Mike. I think this is exactly the lesson I need right now. After a couple of months of working every day on the beginner track on this site, I feel OK with some of the basic chords and rolls. But when I recorded myself playing a couple of things and played them back, sounds a bit chaotic, and I think my lack of rhythm is why.
      Also I found out I have a bit of ‘windmill thumb’, but that’s a different issue.

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      geoffrey biedermann

      Mike – I was a percussionist in HS and college and Banjo is blowing my mind. I do fingerstyle on guitar, but using 4 fingers in 4/4 time is easy. Using 3 fingers in 4/4 time on Banjo is so hard for me – I’m used to my thumb being the down beats, now it’s not. Switching from forward to backward roll in one measure seems like an impossible feat for what I’ve trained my fingers to do. Are there any practice techniques (other that sheer repetition and old fashioned practice) that might help? Thanks! Geoff.

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        I’d check out the Mastering The Forward Roll lesson. That might be helpful to you.

        You likely just need more practice playing your thumb on the off-beats (which is tricky).

        Check out that lesson as it has lots of syncopated rolls where your thumb will be playing on different beats.

        Count it out loud and you’ll get it with practice. Keep picking.

        – Mike

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      Blake Tolmie

      Hello I know this isn’t related but when you purchase a song such as how great thou art. Does it come with the chords needed for guitar aswell as banjo? Thanks

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        Yes, all the tabs have the chords listed above the tab. – Mike

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